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Slim Line Window and Door Range


Slim-line Aluminium Windows

Designed to replace ageing steel Crittall windows, the metal windows have a similar profile, often enabling them to be installed into the original timber frames and no need for redecoration.

The metal windows are thermally broken for reduced condensation, and together with the highest specification double glazed sealed units, they provide a high level of insulation.

The windows are WER (Window Energy Rated)

You can choose locking Cockspur handles with night vent facility or you can choose multipoint locking for added security.

Traditional handles, monkey-tail handles and window stays can be specified.

When timber surrounds are required they will be moulded and rebated to accommodate the window frame to ensure a close match to the original design.

The slim-line outer metal frames are ideal for stone mullion properties.

The system is designed as an extremely slim-line thermally efficient style window.

The window uses modern technology and is a fraction of the cost of steel windows.

Our windows use the latest ‘Polyamide’ thermal barrier technology giving superior thermal performance, and making them suitable for new build projects as well as replacement or refurbishment projects.

Complies with Document 'L' for thermal transmittance.

24mm, 28mm or 32mm glazed sealed units.

Sealed units are available in single, double or triple galzing.

Applications include:-
Residential listed buildings or dwellings in conservation areas, residential period buildings or any prestigious building where a slim, authentic looking, thermally advanced window system is required.

Standard colours: White, black/white(dual colour), black and brown.
Single and Dual RAL custom colours and textured paints are available
Traditional handles and stays are available
or multi-point locking system
Compliant to all building regulations
Suitable for New Build as well as replacement or refurbishment
Suitable for listed buildings and conservation areas